Upgrading digital healthcare with Taiwan Excellence

April 30, 2021
Upgrading Digital Healthcare with Taiwan Excellence

Now more than ever, healthcare is indispensable. With rapid advancements in AI and big data technology, digital healthcare provides patients with quicker access to health services while also helping doctors to streamline their workflow and increase efficiency.

With that, five Taiwan Excellence awarded companies demonstrated their most innovative solutions during the “Taiwan Excellence Smart Medical Webinar:Digital Health Solutions”on Wednesday (28 Apr). The event was jointly held by TAITRA, the foremost trade promotion entity in Taiwan, and the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Dr Yu-Chuan Jack Li, President of International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA), mentioned that one of the reasons that Taiwan has managed to combat COVID-19 effectively is because of their dedication towards digital health development. With all the electronic health recordsinterlinking with all the hospitals in Taiwan, they are able to conductreal-time monitoring of all contacts and people who are in quarantine. That being said, he believes that widespread adoption of telemedicine and AI technology will revolutionizehealthcare. 

acer Healthcare

One of the highlights of the webinar was Acer,known for their strong presence in the desktop and laptop PC market.In recent years, they have expanded their business into the healthcare industry with acer Healthcare. During the press conference,theyintroduced the VeriSee DR, anAI-assisted solution for Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) identification that has been trained using DR diagnosis experience from multiple ophthalmologists. The company has also implemented AI and deep learning techniques to develop a software that achieves a level of diagnostic confidence similar to that of an ophthalmologist.

Upgrading Digital Healthcare with Taiwan Excellence

Usually, diabetic patients would need to go to anophthalmology clinic for examination and they would need to wait a few days to get the results. With the introduction of VeriSee DR in medical clinics and health examination centers with ophthalmoscopes allows initial screening to be conducted without an ophthalmologist, making the process a lot faster and simpler. The result on referral recommendations is provided in 3 seconds and its accuracy is up to 93%.

Other companies that were introduced:

Leltek – Their LU700 series is the first handheld wireless ultrasonic product made in Taiwan. With the company’s unique technology – integrating algorithm of ultrasonic imaging into an FGPA chip –, the product is compact yet powerful.

Wincomm – Their AI PC Panel Series is ideal for a range of different medical devices and machines in the hospital setting. It also allows for the integration of peripherals like webcams for live streaming of lab tests or surgical operations.

Apollo Medical Optics –Their ApolloVue® S100 imaging system utilizes a non-invasive tool to capture three-dimensional cellular resolution images, targeting to allow clinicians to reduce the numbers and frequency of skin biopsies.

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Medimaging Integrated Solution –Their Micro Camera Module (MCM) Solution, their newest technology, that is designed for disposable endoscopes. The MCM is as small as a pencil tip and its flexible design can be used in different types of endoscopes.

To re-watch the full smart medical webinar, visit https://youtu.be/o4X0A-EnL2Q

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