Digital platform to ease clinic inventory/streamline payment launched in Malaysia

January 14, 2022
Digital platform to ease clinic inventory/streamline payment launched in Malaysia

Medical practices are expected to be digitised nationwide with the help of the newly launched Pay32 Clinic (Pay32), an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered inventory analytics and vendor payment software developed by Singapore-based healthcare supplier Lumiere32. Pay32 aims to address issues that include poor management systems and inventory tracking in clinical settings. These issues have become especially difficult to manage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pay32 offers a robust inventory analytics tool that effectively tracks product expiration dates and availability and allows clinics to optimise their inventory using data from vendor invoices and related memos/delivery orders, resulting in a more accurate record of their bottom lines. The tool provides trend updates to clinics, allowing them to better predict buying patterns before planning their purchases for re-stocking. It is expected to eliminate out-of-stock occurrences for necessary items at clinics.

In addition, the software also offers payment tracking and Buy-Now-Pay-Later capabilities via the Pay32 Wallet. The e-wallet allows clinics to adopt cashless payment options with a flexible payment plan that is hoped to strengthen cashflow overall.

Furthermore, the Pay32 Wallet allows clinics to have a maximum credit of RM100,000 (US$23.9 thousand) per clinic, allowing for the hassle-free purchase of small medical equipment, instruments, consumables, and other supplies without upfront payment.

Pay32 Clinic is now available nationwide: all varied subscription packages to multiple types of clinics are complimentary for 6 months and will include free digitisation of data for up to 3 months.

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