Over 170 Malaysians on Paxlovid fully recovered, no side effects reported

May 13, 2022
Over 170 Malaysians on Paxlovid fully recovered

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has announced that 173 COVID-19 patients have recovered fully as of May 9 after being administered Pfizer’s antiviral Paxlovid pills. “No side effects have been recorded by the patients either,” Khairy said.

The patients had received the pills in mid-April.

A total of 48,000 boxes of Pfizer’s Paxlovid pills for COVID-19 patients were delivered to Pharmaniaga Logistics Sdn. Bhd. on April 11 – the medication has since been supplied to 512 COVID-19 assessment centres (CACs) and 78 government hospitals.

The pills are recommended for Covid-19 patients aged 18 and above, who are not in the high-risk category and do not require oxygen therapy; and should be taken within five days of symptoms to reduce the risk of developing severe complications.

Paxlovid is not authorised for use for longer than five consecutive days.

“The priority for Paxlovid treatment is for high-risk COVID-19 patients who are experiencing light to mild symptoms,” Khairy said. He assured that the ministry is committed to improving the public’s access to medicines to treat and prevent COVID-19 transmission in Malaysia.

“We will ensure that any medication is properly assessed based on quality, safety and effectiveness.”

Khairy also added that those above 60 could opt to receive their second booster shot between four and six months after receiving the first booster. The same applied to those between 18 and 59 who are at high risk of infection.

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