Singapore finally removes all COVID-19 restrictions

April 26, 2022
Singapore finally removes all COVID-19 restrictions

Singapore is easing into normalcy after its first day free of COVID curbs: its commercial heart slowly thrumming to life with office workers returning, restaurants and coffee shops seeing more patrons than the last two years, and public transport teeming with eager commuters.

The city has done away with strict limits on workplaces and gatherings as of Tuesday, though mask-wearing is still required in indoor settings or on public transport.

Singapore has been lauded for its successful management of initial COVID-19 outbreaks which included stringent policies on group sizes as well as contact-tracing and testing for travel and office work. The speed and success seen in its vaccine rollout – with 93% of its 5.5 million population inoculated – is also one of the highest rates in the world, limiting COVID fatalities to just 1,331.

“Everyone was starting to get frustrated, so it’s good that we are getting back to normal now with more social interactions,” said bank employee Taiwah Lim. “And even better with the new normal, to have the flexibility of working from home few days per week.”

In addition, Singapore has removed the various testing requirements for travellers in an effort to boost the economy, which is forecast to expand up to 5% this year, recovering from a pandemic-induced 4.1% contraction the previous year.

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