Why you should consider jump rope

March 2, 2022
Why you should consider jump rope

A quick, at-home workout is ideal during the pandemic, when access to outdoor sporting facilities and gyms are limited. One such workout, jumping rope, has been shown to build strength, speed, and agility, according to research from various institutes.

Here’s how this simple piece of equipment can elevate your workout.

Increased speed and power

During the quick motion of jumping, your foot hits the ground for only a moment – the reduced contact time, along with the power it takes to push off from the ground, helps increase speed and endurance in activities like running.

At the same time, your muscles and tendons contract and recoil faster, while still providing an equal amount of force. Strength is the ability to exert force, while power is the ability to do it within a certain period. Exerting the same amount of force in a shorter time frame builds power.

Improved balance and response time

The connection between fast-twitch muscle fibres and the brain is key to good balance. Exercises such as jump rope can prevent or reverse muscle loss associated with aging, of which fast-twitch muscles decline the fastest.

“When you jump rope, fast-twitch muscles are firing faster and giving feedback to the brain quicker,” said Alysia Robichau, a sports medicine doctor at Houston Methodist Hospital.

Any repetitive jumping activity can increase the number and efficiency of fast-twitch muscle fibres, which are used in quick, explosive movements.

Improved bone regrowth and density

Bone tissue is dynamic, engaged in a constant cycle of building and breaking down. When your bones are put under repeated stress, such as by jumping rope, it stimulates them to build back thicker and stronger.

Reduces injury

The different movements in jump rope, such as hopping, skipping, or shuffling, offer a more varied form of movement than what you get from doing a single repetitive motion like running. Research suggests that this more multidirectional type of training can help prevent overuse injuries.

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