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Injectable gel implant seen to greatly reduce chronic back pain

June 13, 2022

Results of the first study looking at how a particular hydrogel could be used in humans reveals a promising treatment for chronic lower back pain caused by degenerative disc disease (DDD). The specially developed hydrogel cushions the vertebrae in the same way as natural spinal discs, and also features similar biomechanical properties, unlike prosthetics, to […]

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Anti-aging drugs effectively slow spinal disc degeneration in mice

September 6, 2021

Senolytic drugs, part of a new class of anti-aging medication, has been found to prevent age-related deterioration of spinal discs in animal experiments. Senolytic drugs work by removing destructive senescent cells which accumulate in all living tissues with age, essentially accelerating the aging process. Recent research findings by regenerative medicine and biomedical engineering specialists are […]

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Most people living with back pain receive the wrong treatment – Australian-led study

March 26, 2018

An international study led by Melbourne-based Monash University’s Professor Rachelle Buchbinder has found that most people who live with lower back pain receive inappropriate tests and treatments, including opioids and surgery. “The majority of cases of lower back pain respond to simple physical and psychological therapies that keep people active and enable them to stay […]

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Say “Kiddy-up” to Good Posture

May 14, 2012

Back pain is the most prevalent type of pain, according to a study carried out in India. It is also a common problem among computer users, especially women.  The study observed that working in a prolonged period of time in an improper work station can cause workers to suffer more discomfort in the lower back […]

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