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Doctors concerned as boxing fever grips Thailand

February 14, 2018

As two boys exchange punches at a boxing ring in Thailand’s northeastern province of Buriram, loud cheers erupt in the crowd. After dominating five rounds, the winner is declared; 11-year-old Nanthawat Promsod, who is better known by his boxing name – “Super Big Saksandee”. He earned 3,000 baht (US$94.34) for winning the fight, and earns […]

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Is there an oversupply of healthcare workers?

July 23, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR – This was the question presented during one of the sessions at the APHM International Conference & Exhibition 2012 held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Based on conducted surveys, the country has an oversupply of unqualified healthcare works and the primary factor cited is having too many nursing or medical schools. Malaysia currently […]

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