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Treasure hunt fundraiser activity for the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia

September 29, 2022

Sunway Medical Centre Velocity (SMCV) recently held a treasure hunt event in conjunction with its third anniversary, to raise funds for the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF).  All funds obtained were channelled to the NKF to raise awareness of kidney disease, as well as disease prevention and management amongst the community. Through this event, […]

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How eating eggs is good for heart health

May 30, 2022

Chinese researchers from Peking University in Beijing have found regular egg consumption leads to increased levels of a heart-healthy protein in the blood, and inevitably more high-density lipoprotein (HDL) which can help clear cholesterol from the blood vessels. These findings come from a study of individuals who ate a moderate amount of eggs and were […]

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Faster walking pace beneficial to biological aging

April 22, 2022

The first-of-its-kind research to look at how walking pace may influence health and biological age has put forth a genetic link: scientists from the University of Leicester, UK, now confirm that walking faster is likely to lead to a younger biological age, as measured by cell structures known as telomeres. Scientists analysed pooled movement activity […]

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Women reported to have poor heart health before pregnancy

March 3, 2022

US women had poor cardiovascular health before becoming pregnant, said researchers of a new study carried out at Northwestern University in Illinois. According to the study, over half the women were reported to have at least one risk factor for poor heart health, including overweight/obesity, hypertension, and/or diabetes, before becoming pregnant. “As women, we tend […]

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Types of vitamin D found to have differing impact(s) on human health

March 1, 2022

New research investigating the effects of vitamin D supplementation on human health suggests slight differences – vitamin D3 may be more effective at strengthening the immune system and raising blood levels of vitamin D, compared to vitamin D2, researchers at the University of Surrey, UK, said. In contrast, some study participants – out of several […]

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Scientists develop blood test to measure body’s circadian rhythm

August 2, 2021

The human body’s internal clock, or circadian rhythm influences all matters related to health and well-being, including the optimal time to exercise or take medication; but measuring a person’s individual circadian rhythm has so far been, unfortunately, tedious. However, scientists at the University of Colorado (CU) Boulder, US, have found a way to determine an […]

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Smart Toilet uses AI to monitor gut health

May 31, 2021

A new “Smart Toilet” technology developed by Duke University could potentially inform about a patient’s gut health by analysing their stool and looking out for irregularities like blood – profiling the contents of faeces could improve understanding of bacteria living inside our gut and highlight signs of conditions like inflammatory bowel disease or irritable bowel […]

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Mindfulness classes improve health of schoolchildren

May 3, 2021

Mindfulness is an ancient meditation technique that involves focusing awareness on the present moment, as a means of fostering calm, wellbeing and insight. New research conducted by the University of Derby and Derbyshire Educational Psychology Service, UK,  has found that mindfulness programmes delivered by school teachers can improve the mental health of school-age children and […]

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Exercise hormone injections boost mice fitness and overall health

January 26, 2021

It would be ideal if there was a way to beat the hassle of exercise, but still maintain health and fitness. Scientists at the University of Southern California (USC), US, might have found just that – an exercise hormone administered to mice appears to improve fitness and overall health, even in older mice. The hormone, […]

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WHO: health harms from prolonged sitting can be offset by exceeding weekly recommended physical activity levels

December 2, 2020

New research involving some 44,000 people across four countries highlights a grim reality: a high daily tally of sedentary time (10 or more hours) i.e. prolonged sitting is linked to a significantly heightened risk of premature death, particularly among people who are already unfit or physically inactive. However, according to guidelines set out in the […]

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