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Oestrogen levels linked to severity of COVID-19 infection and risk of death in women

February 21, 2022

An observational study based on Swedish public health records has revealed increased levels of the hormone oestrogen plays a protective role in older women, against severe infection and risk of death from COVID-19. Women seem to suffer less from severe COVID-19 than men, according to health data, hypothesised as due to differences in hormone distribution. […]

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Oestrogen may have a protective effect on the female brain

November 8, 2021

A study of menopausal women suggests that greater cumulative exposure to oestrogen in life, for example from having a longer reproductive span or from having taken hormone replacement therapy (HRT), may potentially reduce the brain-shrinking effects of Alzheimer’s disease. “Our findings suggest that while the menopause transition may bring vulnerability for the female brain, other […]

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