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New research sheds light on genetic basis of schizophrenia

April 18, 2022

The Psychiatric Genomics Consortium study, a large and diverse genetics study based in the UK, has identified large numbers of specific genes that influence schizophrenia. This comes from DNA analysis of over 320,000 people, which showed that genetic risk for schizophrenia is seen in genes concentrated in neurons in the brain, but not in any […]

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Repurposed dietary supplement tackles schizophrenia in mice

April 25, 2021

Scientists at the University of Tokyo, Japan, have chanced upon a dietary supplement that appears to treat mice with a genetic mutation that causes schizophrenia. The drug known as betaine – originally intended to treat those with an inherited metabolic disease called homocystinuria – works by safeguarding the construction of the cellular skeleton of neurons […]

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