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Stem cell technique to “revolutionise” regenerative medicine

April 21, 2022

Transient reprogramming of stem cells may hold the answer to rejuvenating aging cells without compromising on their function, claim researchers from the Epigenetics research programme at Babraham Institute, UK. The technique, which would normally take around 50 days, instead involves partial reprogramming of cells – finessed by the Babraham researchers, the new technique exposes cells […]

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Stem-cell hydrogel injection studied for heart attack patients

August 16, 2021

Heart muscle becomes damaged and cardiac function is affected when blood vessels feeding the heart are blocked. A new stem-cell-carrying hydrogel helps mice recover from this condition, called myocardial infarction, by stimulating formation of new blood vessels. Developed by a team of scientists at Kansai University in Japan, the stem cell delivery system is described […]

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GE Healthcare Partners With China’s BGI For Stem Cell Drug Discovery

July 5, 2012

CHINA – GE Healthcare and BGI announced a pioneering multi-year research collaboration in stem cell science. The objective of the collaboration is to help advance the potential global utility of stem cell-derived assays for use in drug discovery and toxicity testing by exploring the underlying genetic variation between ethnically diverse human stem cell lines. The collaboration […]

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