Medical Fair Asia 2020 to go digital

September 22, 2020

Against the back of Covid-19 pandemic, travel and physical restrictions, exhibition organiser Messe Düsseldorf Asia says that the 13th edition of Medical Fair Asia, to have been held from 9-11 December at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, will now take place as a digital edition from 9-18 December. More than 300 international companies are expected to participate in the digital edition. In addition, over 30 presentation and conference sessions will run concurrently – live and on-demand, with speakers from the Start-Up Podium and Wearable Technologies ASIA Conference.

Moving from in-person interactions at a physical trade event to making virtual connections anywhere in the world, Medical Fair Asia Digital Edition aims to deliver the onsite benefits of a trade fair but with all the convenience of an online experience.

The well-established medical and healthcare exhibition first started in 1997 has since grown to be one of the most recognised regional events for sourcing hospital, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, medical and rehabilitation equipment and supplies.

Gernot Ringling, Managing Director, Messe Düsseldorf Asia, said: “It is a new reality in these trying economic times and we continue to adjust how we do business in the face of new customer habits and digital trends. Taking care of our customers is a top priority, and in the absence of a physical exhibition this year, staying true to the Medical Fair Asia brand, both exhibitors and visitors can be assured that the digital edition will be an effective platform connecting global sellers and quality buyers.”

He added, “On the back of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are clear signals that indicate an acceleration of omni-channel selling, tech-enabled selling and e-commerce. We believe the digital edition is well timed in serving the current needs of the medical industry, as well as medium term needs as potential demand for elective and delayed essential procedures see resurgence.”

Daphne Yeo, Senior Project Manager, Medical Fair Asia, Messe Düsseldorf Asia said: “We are excited to announce this digital edition and believe it will be a fresh experience for exhibitors and visitors to do business and remain connected via this new format. The live-streaming and video call features where exhibitors and visitors can interact face-to-face is as personal an encounter as is possible and coupled with the multi-language capabilities, we are confident it will be an effective business platform.”

Medical Fair Asia Digital Edition will offer trade visitors focused and targeted sourcing opportunities – from medical products and devices, rehabilitative equipment and new technology, telemedicine, to pandemic management solutions.

The digital exhibition will allow companies to present their product offerings and services online, with live-streaming of product demonstrations, real-time interaction with buyers via one-to-one video meets and instant chats. On a user-friendly dashboard, both exhibitors and visitors can view suitable matches and personalised meeting suggestions based on their interests and profile through AI driven smart business matching. Trade visitors will also have access to a comprehensive technical presentation showcase throughout the exhibition.

Attendees to the concurrent line-up of activities will experience the full benefits of a live conference including presentations and Q&A sessions. Content will also be available on-demand for delegates based in different time zones.

Darren Liao, Product Manager of Milli-Q Lab water Division, Merck Pte Ltd, said, “Joining the digital edition this year was a natural decision particularly with the challenging travel restrictions. We look forward to join the exhibition, so we can share our solutions to clinical, pharmaceutical and medical device companies and at the same time, contribute to the Covid diagnostic and related research.”

Commenting on the positive feedback from exhibitors on the move to a digital edition, Ringling said that after an extended period of isolation, businesses are likely to have an appetite to get back on track as economic recovery begins and remains hopeful in playing a part to stimulate activity and investment in the B2B event space with the digital edition. “The visceral enthusiasm and our human need to interact and for personal encounters at exhibitions are irreplaceable and will result in recovery in time. We are optimistic and look forward to staging the physical exhibition at the next edition of the Medical Fair series which will take place next year in Bangkok,” he said.

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