Artemis Health’s new partnership to elevate delivery of integrated musculoskeletal care

August 1, 2022
Artemis Health’s new partnership to elevate delivery of integrated musculoskeletal care

Artemis Health Ventures (Artemis) have announced a new partnership with Singapore Orthopaedic Specialists (SOS) to facilitate the expansion of SOS’s musculoskeletal care practices, namely, Orthopaedics International, Sports Medicine International, and Neurosurgery International. The planned expansion comes at a time when demand for holistic musculoskeletal care is building largely due to the aging population in the city state.

SOS’s practices cater to patients suffering from various musculoskeletal ailments such as nagging sports injuries, spine and neurosurgical problems, musculoskeletal tumours, orthopaedic trauma, and painful arthritis. By working closely with one another, SOS specialists and their supporting medical professionals are able to provide more efficient care and help patients resume normal activities as quickly as possible.

SOS currently has 10 highly experienced specialists in its ranks who have been serving the orthopaedic needs of the local and international community since 1995.

Dr. Leslie Leong, specialist orthopaedic surgeon and CEO of SOS, said: “We are glad to have found in Artemis a partner to grow with and bring our orthopaedic, neurosurgery, and sports medicine services to a higher level in our ongoing pursuit of providing comprehensive and accessible musculoskeletal care to our local and international community.

Artemis, a recently-formed management service organisation, is a unit of The Sylvan Group, a private equity firm backed by members of the Hyundai and Rockefeller families. Artemis provides physicians with infrastructure and administrative support services so that they can focus on patient care.

With SOS, Artemis will provide innovation and support to SOS’s associated practices to make musculoskeletal care more accessible to patients.

“The SOS doctors are a team of veteran orthopaedics, sports physicians, and neurosurgeons who have a strong reputation for clinical excellence. I am delighted that they share our vision of growing SOS’s healthcare ecosystem and service offerings so that it can expand and continue to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients,” said Kin Wong, CEO of Artemis and Managing Director of Sylvan.

Sylvan’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Kyungsun Chung, said: “Musculoskeletal conditions are the leading contributor to disability globally and can significantly limit mobility and dexterity. These conditions affect one’s quality of life by reducing his or her ability to work and participate in society.

“Our partnership with Artemis and the SOS doctors aims to make musculoskeletal care more holistic, efficient and accessible, which will significantly enhance the quality of life of the communities we serve.”

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