DOH demands hospitals to report all cases of EV-71 infections

July 16, 2012

PHILIPPINES – The Department of Health (DoH) announced mandatory notification of the virus to health authorities.  Health Secretary Enrique Ona ordered all hospitals and health providers to report to the DOH individual cases, or even outbreaks, of all EV-71 infections.

Ona said, “Mandatory notification will improve monitoring of EV-71 infections and ensure that necessary measures are in place to guarantee that the Philippines is free from the highly fatal, severe form of EV-71 infections.”

In addition, Secretary Ona explained, concurring with the World Health Organization (WHO), that the Cambodian EV-71 was of the encephalitis type and not hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD) type as previously reported.

Because EV-71 can be transmitted via the feces, health officials have advised parents on proper disposal of diapers and other human waste and the importance of handwashing.

In addition, places that care for infants and young children are advised on appropriate cleaning and disinfection of toys and other objects children may be exposed to.

He also made it clear that there were other diseases that mimic symptoms of EV-71 infection, such as dengue, which made it all the more important to seek medical help.


Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

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