Healthcare Humanity Awards 61 professionals

May 22, 2012
SINGAPORE – Sixty-one healthcare professionals were honoured at the annual Healthcare Humanity Awards for going the extra mile. Funded by the Courage Fund, which is supported by donations from the public and government, the ceremony gives value to healthcare professional’s courage, dedication and selflessness.

“These values are what make health care a noble profession and not merely a job for which you collect a pay cheque at the end of the month,” said Kay Kuok, chairman of its board of trustees.

The award was founded after the SARS epidemic in 2003, when health-care workers were honored for putting their lives on the line to save people struck by the deadly infection.

Among the recipients of this year’s Healthcare Humanity Awards are (from left) Dr Joshua Kua, nurse clinician Hone Swee Mui and senior health attendant Ng Ah Khim.

The winners, from both the public and private sectors, were rigorously evaluated by a panel of five judges led by Mr Tee Tua Ba, Chairman of the Singapore Red Cross Society.

As in previous years, nurses dominate the line-up of winners. This year, 44 nurses join other professionals working in geriatric medicine, nursing homes, hospice and palliative care – a fitting portrait of the future of healthcare for Singapore with our rapidly greying population.

A silver medallion and cash gift worth S1,500 were awarded to the winners.

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