MAG to provide Medical Care to Bangladesh

June 4, 2012

SINGAPORE – Medical Asia Group (MAG), a Singapore-based company for marketing health care services of health care centres launched a regional office in Dhaka aiming to provide high quality medical care to Bangladeshi people at affordable prices.

“MAG, which is an alliance of top ranked hospitals in Singapore, launched its activities in Bangladesh to provide better health care services to Bangladeshi people seeking trusted, high quality, affordable and accessible health care,” said the organizers.

They said it is evident that every year many Bangladeshis are travelling to countries like Thailand, India and Singapore for better treatment.

Answering to a question Md Alamgeer, country representative, Bangladesh and regional representative of South Asia, said apparently the cost seems too high but in reality it is cost effective in Singapore compared to Thailand.  He said a by-pass heart surgery costs US$22,000 in Thailand while it costs only US$12,900 in Singapore.

“That is why we are here that we provide consultancy on various issues like doctor and hospital selection, estimated cost, visa and flight assistance and even on the matter whether the disease is in a stage for treatment or not,” he added.

They said they do not have any specific data on how many Bangladeshi patients go for overseas treatment to various countries and particularly to Singapore.

Regarding certain disease for which Bangladeshi patients should seek overseas treatment despite the presence of a number of private hospitals in the country providing world class treatment, he said for diseases like cancer, cardiovascular and orthopaedic problems should be treated at the best places. Bangladesh has definitely done well but Singapore is better.

MAG now represents five top hospitals of Singapore in South Asia of which Dhaka is the headquarters from where they will operate in other South Asian countries like Nepal, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The hospitals and medical centres that MAG represents are: Johns Hopkins Singapore International Medical Centre, Mount Alvernia Hospital, Novena Medical Screening Centre, Pacific Surgical and Endoscopy Centre, Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Thomson Medical Centre.

MAG representatives claimed that Singapore is the best option for them not only for the excellent treatment facilities, expertise and experience in the healthcare centres but also as the country provides safety and security of a medical tourist.

Farhad Hossain, CEO of One Aviation Ltd, Ms Judy Lim, CEO of Medical Asia Group, Yusuf M Ashraf, vice-consul of Consulate of Singapore also spoke on the occasion.

They said Singapore is rated 6th in the world having best treatment facilities and number one in Asia which has 18 JCI accredited hospitals whereas other countries have 3 to 4.

MAG has operation in 12 countries worldwide and they chose Bangladesh and not other countries in South Asia due to strategic location, the organisers said.

Regarding high accommodation cost, they said, “There are economy apartments in Singapore which can be arranged by us reducing cost”.

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