More gain, More pain

May 2, 2012

THERE is a large correlation between weight and how much pain people suffer, according to a recent survey result. The survey polled more than million people in the US who were overweight. Respondents said they higher rates of pain, by as much as 20% than the low-normal weight group.

Weight was graded into levels as defined by the World Health Organisation. A normal weight was defined as a BMI under 25; overweight, a BMI of 25-30; obese I, 30-35; obese II, 35-40, and obese III, 40 and above.

For the obese group, pain perception was 68% higher. As the weight increased, so did pain. For the obese II and III groups, the pain was proportionately 136% higher and 254% higher than the normal groups.

The results of the study suggests that obesity is a condition that may cause pain,e ven without the presence of other painful diseases. This could be due to complex metabolic pathways set up in the body due to obesity that are pro-inflammatory.

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