Nuvilex Announces Further Enhancement of Patent Position

April 12, 2012

SINGAPORE – Nuvilex, Inc., through its Singapore-based biotech company associate, SG Austria, announced completion of substantial therapeutic antibody patent portfolio talks, culminating in the addition of the Exclusive Worldwide License to the existing SG Austria patent position for encapsulating therapeutic antibody-producing cells.

As announced in December, SG Austria acquired ownership of one half of the patent. As a result of the announcement today, SG Austria has now added the Exclusive Worldwide License to their existing patent ownership position from the other original patent owner. This now ensures SG Austria has 100% exclusive use of the patent for encapsulation of therapeutic antibody-producing cells worldwide.

This particular patented use of encapsulated live cell technology for therapeutic antibodies was pursued because of its tremendous market and revenue potential. One primary aspect of the patent’s therapeutic treatment value is that it will allow patients and physicians to avoid the peaks and troughs associated with therapeutic antibodies typically given by single or multiple injections.

President and CEO for Nuvilex, Dr. Robert F. Ryan stated, “We are extremely delighted the Exclusive Worldwide License was acquired by SG Austria, as we are nearing completion of our initial plans. Although this required substantial discussions and work to finish, it now provides a stronger patent position as a result. The addition of the worldwide license will enable greater potential for revenue production as use of encapsulated cells expressing therapeutic antibodies and antibody-like molecules moves forward.”

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