Thomson X, WhiteCoat to launch first-of-its-kind mobile app for women and children

December 20, 2021
Thomson X, WhiteCoat to launch first-of-its-kind mobile app for women and children

A mobile app for the delivery of obstetrics and gynaecology and paediatric healthcare will soon be available to Singaporean patients – the fruit of a joint venture between Thomson X (TX), the digital arm of Thomson Medical Group and Singapore’s leading telehealth provider WhiteCoat.

When launched, the app will allow women and children to access virtual, clinic and home-based care in a comprehensive healthcare ecosystem, covering family planning, fertility, and conception through to early childhood development. Besides complementing traditional face-to-face visits to the doctor, the app also aims to enhance the online-to-offline patient experience and optimise health outcomes.

Thomson Medical Group operates one of the largest private maternity hospitals in Singapore that delivers a fifth of all babies in Singapore annually, in addition to a satellite network of women’s and children’s clinics delivering its brand of care to patients across the island.

The Group’s newly established unit TX charts the Thomson Group’s technology roadmap and includes three business pillars within its mandate: to provide proven innovations with faster go-to-market access, to digitalise and scale existing core businesses, and to research next-generation digital technologies and treatments.

Through strategic partnerships with digital health partners like WhiteCoat, TX aims to broaden accessibility to the Group’s doctors and services, delivering a holistic omni-channel healthcare experience to a wider patient base through telemedicine and other digital health technology offerings.

“Thomson X was set up to harness technology to make healthcare more accessible and ensure that treatments and interventions can be delivered in a seamless, integrated manner that is more convenient and cost-efficient for our patients,” said TX CEO-designate Kiat Lim.

“We have been exploring HealthTech opportunities and our collaboration with a telehealth pioneer like WhiteCoat will put us in good stead to stay ahead of the medical technology curve.”

Lim added that the rising cost of raising a family, fertility challenges and mental wellness of mothers are some of the considerations and problems faced by couples and parents, and so believes the partnership with WhiteCoat will “create holistic and integrated solutions at a time of rapidly rising demand for healthcare services.”

Meanwhile, WhiteCoat’s Founder and CEO Bryan Koh, said, “We are excited about the synergy between WhiteCoat’s technology and expertise in digital healthcare, and Thomson’s expertise in women’s and children’s health. This partnership cements our dedication and next steps to building a broader set of offerings across the spectrum of women’s and children’s health, founded on exceptional quality and accessible personalised care.

“Together, we will deliver next-generation health and wellness services, leveraging technology to provide actionable insights for our patients and best-in-class care that will redefine healthcare experiences as we know them today.”

Thomson Medical said that paediatricians and paediatric services from all its satellite paediatric centres have been onboarded to WhiteCoat’s current telemedicine platform before the launch of the dedicated obstetrics and paediatrics app in 2022.

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