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Nurses facing burnout, psychological and emotional distress post-COVID, study finds

July 5, 2022

A cross-country survey of nurses and midwives in the UK has found deep repercussions due to the COVID-19 pandemic: many nurses and midwives report feeling unaccustomed to redeployment, which involved caring for high numbers of critically ill patients and witnessing a high number of patient deaths. Researchers at the University of Surrey, who conducted the […]

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Depression in new mothers triple pre-pandemic levels

March 17, 2022

New research into pregnancy and postpartum depression highlights how new mothers experienced more depressive episodes during the early days of COVID-19 (COVID). The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had earlier estimated that 1 in 8 mothers experienced postpartum depression, and about 5-7% experienced major depressive symptoms, but after COVID struck data revealed 1 […]

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Rethinking Smart Medical & Biotesting in the post pandemic world

September 30, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people approach their health and healthcare. This October 14th, Taiwan Excellence, representing the symbol of Taiwan’s innovative technology, will organise a Smart Medical & Biotesting Webinar to introduce some of the latest developments in the medical and healthcare industry. Themed “effective biotest” and “customised treatment”, this online showcase […]

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3D-printed origami technology under development for improved pandemic treatment

September 28, 2021

Technology replicating the distinctive folding of Japanese origami craft is under development to help in the fight against COVID-19, as well as ease healthcare costs and delivery. Currently, researchers at Canada’s Simon Fraser University (SFU) Additive Manufacturing Lab are working on a novel mechanical ventilator system that is purported to assist a person’s breathing by […]

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Thailand’s winning strategies amid the health crisis

September 6, 2021

By Roshel Jayasundera,Senior Director, Global Consulting, Axios International Roshel Jayasundera of Axios International, anInternational firm who is focusing on the emerging market including Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and Middle East, discussed current healthcare trends in Thailand and Southeast Asia, as well as how Thailand is recovering from the Covid-19 outbreak, in this article. How […]

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COVID-19 detection to be sped up with new Amazon initiative

July 22, 2021

To expedite disease testing during the COVID-19 pandemic tech giant Amazon has launched the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Diagnostic Development Initiative, which is expected to accelerate diagnostics research and development worldwide through the many cloud computing solutions provided, particularly in relation to infectious disease management. The virus responsible for the current pandemic is continuing to […]

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Managing the strain on healthcare through digitalisation

July 19, 2021

The healthcare systems in many Southeast Asian countries have been stretched to their limit with the COVID-19 pandemic: hospitals have to deal with an overwhelming shortage of medical resources which has driven up healthcare costs; medical frontliners meanwhile, are faced with the daunting tasks of saving lives and providing quality patient care on top of […]

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Creating a healthier lifestyle beyond the pandemic with Taiwanese healthcare

July 14, 2021

2021 has seen the spill over of the Covid-19 pandemic and the fight against virus rages on. And although the pandemic has curtailed many businesses activities, exchange and cooperation between the Taiwanese and Malaysian medical community has carried on. With a theme centred around “Smart Medical”, the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Taiwan (R.O.C) along with […]

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Half of young adults still have persistent symptoms six months after COVID-19

June 24, 2021

A study more than 300 patients with COVID-19 in Bergen, Norway – comprising 82% of cases in the city during the first wave of the pandemic – has revealed how symptoms of the disease persist for some six months after SARS-CoV-2 infection. The study from the Bergen COVID-19 Research Group followed infected patients diagnosed at […]

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The impact of media on public opinion and trust in vaccines

June 14, 2021

Good communication has become essential during this global pandemic – in particular, how leaders/officials, governments, and subject matter experts of various countries and regions behave, how they communicate, and how the media reports on it all have significant impacts and consequences on the public. The mainstream media has been reporting on COVID-19 and its vaccines […]

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