Pelican BioThermalunveils Series 22 Universal for CRT shipments

May 17, 2017

Pelican BioThermal, a global leader in cold chain and temperature-controlled packaging solutions for the life sciences industry, has launched its Series 22 Universal system for Crēdo shippers at Temperature Controlled Logistics in Biopharmaceuticals USA located in Princeton, New Jersey.

Series 22 Universal is one of two options for Pelican BioThermal controlled room temperature (CRT) cold chain packaging. It is designed to address the challenges of managing CRT thermal requirements in pharmaceutical distribution.

The new CRT system uses a dual phase change material (PCM) coolant system, which is designed for operational ease of use year round, as well as high performance in any temperature conditions. This system takes advantage of two variants of PCM to maintain a CRT payload space between 15-25 degrees Celsius, offering hot and cold protection throughout the Crēdo shipper’s journey.

“Our Series 22 Universal, for Crēdo shippers, offers simplicity in managing CRT shipments,” explained Kevin Lawler, Pelican BioThermal vice president of sales. “It offers operational ease of use year round and high performance in any thermal conditions.”

Series 22 Universal uses 16 degrees Celsius and 24 degrees Celsius PCM for use in year-round ambient conditions. Features and benefits include:

  • Simple universal conditioning and pack out regardless of hot or cold ambient conditions the Crēdo shipper is exposed to during its journey
  •  Dual TIC design means that the two PCMs are conditioned together in one environment, eliminating the need to determine when to use summer or winter processes
  •  Added protection against cold shocks and heat spikes from  the external environment, due to protection offered by two complementary phase points

In addition to Series 22 Universal, Pelican BioThermal also offers Series 22 Controlled as another CRT option with a single phase point for controlled shipping lanes where temperatures are well-known along the journey. Both can be used with Pelican BioThermal’s full range of sizes and durations for the Crēdo Cube line of reusable, thermal shippers.

The company unveiled the Series 22 Universal system at Arena International’s Temperature Controlled Logistics in Biopharmaceuticals USA 2017 event held at Princeton, New Jersey from May 16 to 17.


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